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Here is my Bio/Résumé in English. Many thanks to Elaine from Québec for the help!

Mini Bio: Co-author of « Untouchables? People, Justice & Impunity » (Balland Publishing), Lise Bouvet graduated in Political Science (IEP Paris), Arabic Literature (INALCO) and Philosophy, in Aesthetics (Art Theory) (Paris X/IV, La Sorbonne). She has been working about violence against women since 1997, including sexual harassment, domestic violence, and the sex industry. She co-directed the campaign against rape « No Justice No Peace » after the first DSK trials in 2011-2012. She is the past coordinator of Ressources Prostitution, an international abolitionist network, and one of its current translator of anglophone feminist articles, as well as curator of the website’s digital archives. She is also a photographer, a jazz fan, and a tea addict.

Complete Bio :

Surname: Bouvet (abbreviation of my matronymic (mother’s name), Bouvet de La Maisonneuve)

Given name: Lise (from « the reader », baptism of summer nights: -))

Born in 1977. Educated in France, Germany, the UK, and Italy.

1995: High-school degree via CNED. Lived in the USA and traveled to Asia.

1995/96: Preparatory class for the Grandes Écoles. Accepted at IEP Paris.

1996/97: 1st year in Political Sciences (Sciences Po Paris). Obtained Certificate of AP History (dissertation on Italian Fascism about the untranslated work of Renzo de Felice). Co-org of the Amnesty International section of IEP Paris and the feminist association « Les sciences potiches se rebellent ».

1997/98: Paused studies to work as an executive employee in a feminist NGO supporting women victims of violence (producing internal statistics based on case files and institutional communications). Dissertation on domestic violence in France under the supervision of sociologist researcher Marie-Victoire Louis, CNRS.

1998/99: 2nd year in Political Sciences (Sciences Po Paris), Public Service section. Simultaneously: 2nd year of Law in Paris II. Co-founder of an international abolitionist NGO : translation (English-French) + preparatory research assistant for interventions at the ILO on the genesis of the Dutch regulation lobbyists. Interpretation (conferences and abolitionist meetings).

1999/2000: Year abroad: Second year of Literary Arabic in Tunis (Tunisia).

2000/01: Diploma in Political Sciences from IEP Paris. Graduate dissertation in International Relations Sociology (« A case of regionalization of a national foreign policy: The European Union, France, and Algeria in the 1990s« ).

2001/2002: Bachelor’s degree (with honors) in Philosophy from Paris X Nanterre. Simultaneously: Bachelor in Literary Arabic at INALCO.

2002/2005: Master degree (with honors) of Aesthetics and Political Philosophy. Work on a medieval Arabic manuscript. Publications in Studia IslamicaAutrement journal.  French translation of The Poetics of Averroes (Ibn Rushd). Preparatory classes for Agrégation/CAPES in Philosophy (Paris I) and Arabic (Paris IV). Preparation tutor for the Bachelor of Philosophy and the General Culture exams of the IEP Paris and Province competitions.

2005/2006: Mission for the NGO Restaurateurs Sans Frontières (restoration without borders): Museology study to help establish a museum of natural history in Central Asia based on a critical analysis of the scenography of the Paris National Museum of Natural History (co-creation with an art historian from the École du Louvre). Production assistant (PA) for television documentaries. Professional training in digital photography.

2006/2007: Assistant director of documentary films. Professional training in black and white film photography.

2007/2008: Maternity leave. Assistant writer for documentaries and short films.

2008/2012: Visual artist and photographer: 13 publications, 17 exhibitions. Still life, reports, studio & corporate portraits, photography of artwork. Websites construction and photo blogs. Management of a silver photographies collection (private contract): digitization, restoration of negatives and archival editing.

2011/2014: Graphic design and co-production of the campaign against rape « No Justice No Peace » (Pas de Justice Pas De Paix). Participation in the « Abolition 2012 » campaign, creation of archives and digital press kits (dossiers de presse numériques) on prostitution, animation of a photographic workshop about incest (private fund for a survivors’ NGO), creation of a Tumblr about Johns (Paroles de Clients) and a feminist collective writing blog (écriture collective féministe). Sick leave. Resuming of a PHD on C. Pateman, The Sexual Contract (Political Philosophy).

2014/2016: Co-founding of Ressources Prostitution (Collectif Ressources Prostitution), an international abolitionist network for the translation of Anglophone feminist resources into French: co-production of a WordPress and related digital tools, setting up of social networks, translations, creation of an online documentary fund, curation of web archives, scientific watch and coordination of an international working group. Participation in the C-36 campaign in Canada. For the Ressources Prostitution collective, from 2014 to 2017: revision and proofreading of more than 250 translations, translation (English/French), curation of more than 5,800 links classified in 56 tables, assistance in writing public information articles, media and scientific monitoring (more than 160 studies and reports listed) and community management. Publications in national and international Press (articles published and translated into 8 languages. Drafting of a proposal to UN WOMEN (ONU FEMMES) for NGO Femmes&Libres.

2016/2017: Publication of a Tumblr on female and feminist contemporary art. Creation of a feminist iconographic library (« iconothèque ») with more than 1000 references. Preliminary research and writing with Yael Mellul for a book on violence against women, notably about the Polanski, Cantat, DSK and Tron cases: « Untouchables? People, Justice & Impunity« , published by Editions Balland. Shooting of promotional photos.

2018: March 8, official release of « Untouchables? People, Justice & Impunity« . 17 media interventions, participation in 3 conferences / colloquia: Feminism in London ConferenceFILIA (in English), invitation of the G.O.D.F, annual seminar of the University of Women (Brussels). Co-community manager of Ressources Prostitution.

2019: Creation of a microblogging ensemble in contemporary photography: simultaneous publications on  Tumblr / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

2020 : co-writing/translation of 20 portraits of « Secular Feminists in Islamic Lands » for the Ressources Féministes collective. Curation of the resource in English.

Spoken languages: French, English, Italian, Arabic (literary & Tunisian), German (LV1). Trilingual French-Italian-English.

Translation: English<->French, Arabic (medieval) to French & English.


The main feature of my character: Independence.

The quality I prefer in a man: Gentleness.

The quality I prefer in a woman: Lucidity.

What I enjoy most about my friends: Kindness.

My main flaw: Impatience.

My favorite occupation: Reading.

My dream of happiness: To live by the sea.

What would be my greatest misfortune? To live too long.

What I’d like to be: A musician.

The country where I would like to live: All of them and none in particular...

My favorite virtue: Perseverance.

Besides myself, who would I like to be? A jazz singer.

My favorite color: Grey.

The flower I love: The rose.

The bird I prefer: The magpie, for its elegant costume!

My favorite authors in prose: Balzac, Poe, Proust, Forster, Woolf, Fitzgerald, Djebbar.

My favorite poets: Rimbaud, Eluard, Char, Shirâzi, Cummings, Plath.

My heroes in fiction: All the characters of Lost.

My favorite sheros in fiction: Shehrazâd, Mathilde de La Molle, Helen Schlegel & Alice.

My favorite composers: Miles Davis, Theolonius Monk, John Coltrane.

My favorite painters: Gentileschi, Rubens, Delacroix, Zao Wou Ki.

My real-life heroes: Denis Mukwege, Bernard Lemettre, Nelson Mandela.

My favorite real-life sheros: Rosen Hicher, Rachel Moran, Hushke Mau, and all the others…

My heroes in history: Condorcet, Stuart Mill, Pierre Leroux.

My favorite food and drink: Those without animal suffering

What I hate above all: Cruelty.

The historical character I don’t like: Napoleon.

The historical facts I despise the most: The witches’ sexocide. The crushing of the Commune. Colonization. The Shoah.

The military fact that I consider most important: The liberation of Paris.

The reform that I consider most important: The law of 13 April 2016 ;-) 

The gift of nature I would like to have: Composing music.

How I’d like to die: On a beach.

The present state of my mind: Melancholy.

The fault that inspires me the most indulgence: Inattention.

My motto: “Stay afraid but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow.” Carrie Fisher.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Photo n°1: 1998, already a translator of prostitution survivors! At an abolitionist conference: I, the researcher Richard Poulin, the great Norma Hotaling founder of SAGE and of whom I was the interpreter (may she Rest in Power…), Marie-Victoire Louis. Photo by Claudine Legardinier.

Photo n°2: 2001, model for the photographer Virginie Vican©.

Photo n°3: 2003, model for the photographer  Virginie Douay© (I only pose for women photographers who are named Virginie : -)).

Photo n°4: 2010, protest of November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Photo by Muriel Salmona.

Photo n°5: End of 2011, self-portrait for « No Justice No Peace ».

Photo n°6: 2012, photo ©MathieuDelmestre, at the questioning of candidates (soirée d’interpellation) in the Presidential election, organized by the F. E. M. (Feminists in motion).

Photo n°7: 2013, self-portrait (optimistic as always!)

(Photo header: 2017, self-portrait for my publisher Editions Balland